We are hiring

We are opening new offices in Murarrie.

Xplor builds Childcare Management, educator and parent engagement tools for childcare services. We’re helping childcare services and the world’s best schools increase efficiency, create business models, and scale their efforts globally. And we’d like your help.

Our customers do the most important job in the world; education.  Previously, they had to use an ad hoc, informally specified, bug-ridden version of Microsoft Access before they could operate their service and meet government regulations. We are doing the difficult-but-necessary work of building a global management platform and market place—so educators and enterprises can concentrate on creating value to parents and children, not data entry.

We operate at significant scale, but we’re still tiny relative to the opportunity. We have a staggering amount of work ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to put education within everyone’s reach while doing the most important work of your career.

Our customers entrust us with the enormous responsibility of helping to run their livelihoods. We work tirelessly to be worthy of that trust.

We have to work at the speed of the internet, while also being among the most reliable organizations on it. We need to invent a mode of working which marries the intensity that startups often prize with sustainable careers and organizational memory. We want the uptime for Xplor to be measured in decades; we cannot afford to burn our archives every 18 months due to turnover.

Successful Xplorers are rigorous thinkers who appreciate that things worth doing are rarely simple. We want people who are unafraid to be wrong, to enthusiastically back proposals they initially opposed, and to support decisions with numbers and narrative. We operate in situations of substantial uncertainty and cannot afford either timidity or recklessness.

The global childcare system can seem like a mystifying domain. It is not. It is composed of people and computers, just like many other systems you’ve worked on. Most Xplorers don’t have a background in childcare or education, and they’ve thrived because of their fresh perspectives.

We want generalists capable of parachuting anywhere into our operations, learning about a field they have never touched before, and executing competently in areas far outside their formal remit.

We want specialists who are already experts in their chosen field and are ready to spend several years advancing the state of the art in it. We know that we cannot be successful without an environment which enthusiastically supports both over the long arcs of their careers.

People who thrive in high-conflict work environments often do not enjoy the experience here.

We try to embrace extreme interpersonal kindness while still encouraging Xplrers to take measured risks and act boldly, even in the absence of consensus. We hope that you will strike a balance: unafraid to say what needs saying, but encouraging of others while saying it.

We offer competitive and comprehensive benefits, though lots of companies can offer you those. We also have a rarer opportunity: The impact you can make from being at a nimble startup, working on a platform that operates at a significant (and quickly growing) scale.

We will hire hundreds of people who read these words. We cannot possibly succeed in our goals without doing so. We would be thrilled if you had questions about opportunities or just wanted to chat to explore options. Do not worry too much about picking exactly the right one; we can always give you more options after starting the conversation.