Quality Area 1

We have collated policies and procedures based on Quality Area 1 making it easier for you to save time and to allow you to focus on teaching.

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QA1: Key Insights

The aim of Quality Area 1 of the National Quality Standard is to ensure that:

  • the educational program and practice is stimulating and engaging.
  • The implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF) was designed to drive ongoing improvements within Australia’s childcare sector.
  • 1 in 4 services aren’t meeting the National Quality Standards (NQS).


QA1: Policies Guide

Quality Area 1 focuses on ensuring that the educational program and practice of educators are child-centred, stimulating and maximise opportunities for enhancing and extending each child’s learning and development. It recognises that a quality program that builds on children’s individual knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests is likely to have long-term benefits for children and for the broader society.

  • See what assessors looks for in A&R
  • Learn how to improve your ratings in QA1
  • Handy tips on preparing your service for assessment
  • How Xplor supports best practice

Quality Area 1

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Updated for 2020: now with a new Policies & Procedures section.