1: Building for Great

Part of the series "Optimising Child Care"

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Making education great.

In this four-part series, we share with you Mark Woodland’s journey and experiences in “how to build a childcare service and make education great”.

Part 1 will take you on the journey to understand everything you need to know about Childcare centre operations. You’ll learn about the following;

  • Embracing the struggle
  • The difficulty in running childcare services?
  • Checklist for successful operations

Who Should Download this guide

  • Services needing guidance on their operations
  • Administrators wanting to inspiration and motivation to lead their educator teams.

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Part 2 – The people in early learning

Part 3 – The most difficult thing about being a CEO

Many of the sections of this book are from my own personal experiences.  Building a childcare service is relatively straightforward if you follow the Annexes in the back of this book. What is not so straightforward is everything else.

I would love this book to be an active reference—something you can flip through to find useful guidance on specific topics when you need some perspective or advice.

I’ve included a checklist in each chapter to help you through certain situations. Like you I am still learning and although I am relatively successful in my own right, my experience is far from exhaustive.

When there are online references that might prove useful, I’ve included a footnote pointing to my website, where you can find more direct links to these resources.

Mark Woodland

CEO, Xplor