How to Start a Child Care Service Guide

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Xplor automates administration through its childcare management platform so it enables teachers, educators and parents to focus on a child’s learning. Experience their child’s early learning via a live feed of photos, videos, and activities. By automating submissions and programming and planning,  the government platform makes childcare management efficient.

How to open a Childcare Centre

This how to start and operate a childcare centre guide has been created as a helpful resource for anyone considering opening a day care centre or childcare operation in Australia.  The journey you’re embarking on is one of passion, dedication, and commitment to providing quality of care and nurturing for the next generation.

What you need to know to Start a Child Care Centre

A present-day snapshot of the childcare sector in Australia including growth forecasts and the changing face of day care services is provided to guide you in how to start and operate a childcare centre. Types of Childcare in Australia: Definitions of childcare and early learning operations. Regulations, Licensing, Insurance and other Legalities: A guide to the regulatory requirements needed for Australian childcare centres. Childcare Centre Set Up Costs: Checklist of expenses to consider before opening a childcare centre. Childcare Staff Qualifications: Regulations and minimum qualifications for childcare and day care centre staff. Challenges of the Childcare Industry: Important considerations and industry challenges. Early Childhood Education Technology: The technology transforming childcare services. Additional Resources: Links to important information and documents for childcare operators. Who Should Download the How to Open a ChildCare Centre Guide

  • Educators looking to understand how to Open their first Early Learning Child Care Centre
  • Administrators wanting to open a second or third-day care centre