Xplor Roadmap

This roadmap details the planned and completed feature work for Xplor.

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Why transparency?

The Open Roadmap.

We’re looking forward to you joining us on the journey. Please jump in and let us know what you think as we build in the open.

Q4 2019

Here are some of the things we are working on this quarter. See our release notes here.

  • Stargate: One username and password for parents, educators and families to log into Xplor products.
  • HUB 2: We are improving HUB with new features which include, casual bookings, payments, displaying of nominated persons, improved visitors log, faster sign in.
  • APIs: We are building a range of APIs to help our customers view and manage their data.
  • Home App: We are working on the new Home App, that will improve parent sign in, payments, observations, health and safety and much more. See it here.


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Thanks Keith for your suggestions for HUB 2.

Q3 2019

Here are some of the things we released during Q3. See our release notes here.

  • Playground: We released stability fixes, latency support and quality of life improvements. We added the ability to bulk upload media files, cohort tracking, fixed the draft documentation bugs, and improved user flows.
  • Home: We kept working on the latest release of the Home App and added more functionality to Home Web. This included auto debit setup, CWA approvals, and much more.
  • Office: We added the ability to bulk edit bookings, improved Xero integration, more fee import tools, additional customisation to waitlist forms and spent some time conducting pen-tests on our platform to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. We released monthly billing, dashboard notifications, and XPay.


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Q2 2019

Here are some of the things we released during Q2. See our release notes here.

  • Office: We released unlimited sessions, advanced parent billing, bulk email functionality, SMS replies, deeper role and permission controls for staff, custom enrolment forms, CCS APIs and much more.
  • Playground: We released observation comments, casual attendances and educator shifts. We also added the ability for parents to generate PDF statements and schedule automatic payments in Home. On top of this, we added child-level confidential notes, and the ability to view incident forms.


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Q1 2019

Here are some of the things we released during Q1. See our release notes here.

  • Office: We released Master Roll 2, multi bookings, SMS integration, new CCS endpoints for improved CCS reporting, upgraded to CCS version 2, added a new admin dashboard, added widgets and much more.
  • Playground: We added the ability to save templates, added educator reflections, added more functionality to the Playground editor, added layers, colours and layouts.


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