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Introducing SMS

Xplor is excited to announce its new SMS integration. Xplor now allows services to remind parents of important information with ease. Admin posts to a child’s timeline, payment reminders and booking notifications can now be sent to a parent via the Xplor platform.  


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higher open rate compared to emails.

Try Xplor SMS for FREE

Xplor is providing 50 FREE SMS units to test out this new feature. Units are valid until 28th February 2019. Simply click below to get started.

SMS Bookings

Send SMS booking confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups to your customers.

SMS Statements

SMS notifications are an easy way to remind your customers to pay their statements.

SMS Evacuations

Xplor SMS enables non-technical customers to easily and quickly receive emergency evacuation notices. Communicate automatically, clearly and easily during emergencies.