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On average, Xplor has saved us at least five hours of data entry each week, if not more. The electronic sign in/sign out for parents is saving us lots of time which used to be spent on entering our daily attendances. We’re a large service of up to 150 kids and the convenience of the educator app allows us to sign in children in three seconds at a time. We’re able to keep track of our attendance numbers at a glance, making sure we are always compliant with our educator to child ratios. Xplor’s so convenient, fast and effective. Make the change to Xplor, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Jasminka Huskic - OSHC

Director, Grange Primary School (SA)

Xplor is really efficient and there’s lots of support for help. All of our questions have been answered and followed up. Our parents sign in digitally so there’s no need for the paper based form. Parents can send through their holiday notifications, too! We don’t have to do the time-consuming debit process anymore—Xplor do it all for us.

Natalie Underwood - LDC

Centre Manager, Minnows Early Learning (VIC)

We did a lot of research before switching software and found Xplor to be more cost-effective than other providers. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback and our parents love getting notifications throughout the day. Xplor’s very easy to use and helps us to stay with the times.

Kerryn - Kindy

Administrator, Fuji International Kindergarten (QLD)

Xplor has taken the hassle out of our day to day by allowing us to focus on educating children – the reason we’re all here in the first place.  Xplor has been integral to monitoring student progress and supporting our instructional scaffolding. With a location in Tinonee NSW, we’ve given children the opportunity to experience the intersection of nature and technology and benefit from the beauty of both.

Liz Bridger - LDC

Centre Manager, Earth Angels (NSW)

We’re a community-based centre and it can get expensive running more than one software. With Xplor, we can have our administration and observations all-in-one. I love using Ezidebit; it’s a simple procedure done online or through the Xplor app. The parents have said it’s just so easy and they’re loving it. Xplor makes my job easy too; I can see what payments are coming out each week, I can adjust them, I have more control and the usability is amazing. I love Xplor with pure passion.

Bernadette Leedham - LDC

Centre Manager, Cribb Street Childcare (QLD)

Xplor has made things a lot easier. I am able to switch between centres and having all the information in the one spot rather than switch between all different programs is great. Most of the information we can pull off Xplor. It’s helped with a lot of reports we have to do. Xplor staff are really helpful, you can always ring up and get an answer.

Jenny Norman - LDC

Centre Manager, Bourke & District (NSW)

We compared a few different softwares for our ELC. Xplor stood out as the most understandable and we knew other centres who were using it. Xplor’s clean, easy to use, and it offers all the reports and training we need. If you’re thinking about using Xplor, I recommend it!

Adrian Craig - LDC

Finance Manager, Newington Early Learning Centre (NSW)

Xplor has given us immense insight into the daily operations and revenue of our centres.  This has enabled us to make informed business decisions, making our centres more successful than ever.  The intuitive platform has a clean, easy to use interface, unlike so much of the antiquated software you commonly come across in this sector.  Xplor is helping our administrators, use technology to work for them, and not the other way around!!

Rebecca & Karen - LDC

Directors, Limelight Management Group

Previously we were using software that had a lot of errors and it took about 4 weeks for them to get back to any of our questions. It was shocking. I felt traumatised from the experience…I had all these questions from parents and I didn’t know what was going on. I was really stressed out and taking hours out of my family time to fix these software issues.

Then we spoke with Xplor. Every single person has been so professional. We went through the change at our own pace and we feel very comfortable and safe. I have all the support I need and I can answer parent questions with confidence. I actually enjoy using the software! It’s so easy. Tasks that used to take 45 minutes are now so easy and quick. If you’re thinking about changing, it can feel scary, but you can go through at your own pace and it’s so worth it. I take my hat off to the Xplor team; they’ve built something amazing and the support is 110%.

Anita - OSHC

Administrator, Glenroy West Primary School (VIC)

The childcare centre was using another software program and it was suggested that we change software to Xplor. I was aghast to begin with…changing software and the complications associated with that was the last thing I needed!

Since signing up with Xplor I have had nothing but support. The programme is easy to navigate and the help button answers most questions. I have received support and training from the Xplor team and every question has been answered with dignity.

Judy Purcell - LDC

Manager, Aurukun Shire Council (QLD)

I’ve used both Smartfees and Qikkids in the past. Xplor is a lot more convenient and easy to use. I would spend five or six hours on submission administration alone, but with Xplor I can spend more time on the floor and less time in front of a computer. The support is amazing and the webinars are brilliant. If you’re thinking about switching to Xplor, just do it.

Jody Mitchell - LDC

Director, Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning (WA)

We moved to Xplor to streamline everything across our ELC and OSHC. Xplor’s easy to use for both staff and parents. The customer support team is always there when we need them. Everyone at Xplor has been really lovely.

Katie Roenfeldt - OSHC

Facilitator, Walford Anglican School (SA)

Xplor gives us better transparency and control. Our educators, administrators and parents love the usability. It’s so easy…if you can use Facebook, you can use Xplor, and automated CCS will change your life!

Leah Mizen - LDC

Centre Manager, Thornlie Child Day Care (WA)

My work is also far more portable and accessible. I can view everything on my tablet while I’m out on the road. I can easily get a quick overview of all the data we need to track attendance and ratios. The customer support is awesome!

Someya Variava - LDC


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